Integrity has been on my mind quite a bit recently.  I am often wondering what people are thinking…is it just really all about the quick sale?

The marketing techniques that are being taught don’t sit well with me these days.  We are told to sell a program before we build it, sell a product before it’s complete, etc…  How is that fair to the consumer?  They are buying into the “expert” but the still expect the product to be sound and a good investment.  And maybe it will be…or maybe it won’t…but is it fair to use consumers as guinea pigs when they are not aware?

There are exceptions to this of course, like products being promoted on Kickstarter or other platforms where you are told up front…”It’s not built yet, but if enough of you invest with us, we can make this great thing…” That is a pretty transparent situation and I am all for it.

I searched for a business coach, or a program, for quite awhile…I consumed way too much content and spent way too much time.  But this is a big deal and I wanted to not regret it later.  I finally settled on one who I kept seeing show up, be real, make mistakes and typos – and own up to it.  Settled is the wrong word.  Once i knew that it was going to work out and we were going to be able to work together, I  was beyond ready to get started.  This is not a shiny object coach…she will give you the tools and the support needed…she is all about support…but you had better show up and do the work!

I know it seems like I went way off topic…but bear with me…she comes at everything from a place of integrity and of wanting to provide value and service to her clients.  This is what was missing from the others…they were just shiny ads and click funnels…and even the one that tried to be all vulnerable  looking and showing you how rough it was for her before it got better…it just felt slimy and mass-produced.

I get the theory behind automation…but it needs to come from a place of integrity and service and to make things better for your clients, to enable you to serve more clients, faster, with better results…not just a quick sale and then off into another automation.  Integrity first.  

So, I am all about asking for an earned endorsement or recommendation on LinkedIn – or anywhere really…but this was literally appalling to me!  I connected with this guy, like many others, upon his request and never heard a peep out of him…until I got this message:


I blackened out his identifying information just to be kind but…wish I didn’t feel I had to.  Seriously – who does this???


But wait – there’s more.  When I first got this message, I remember being flabbergasted…like what the heck  did I just read????  I decided just to ignore it rather than waste my energy…  But then, 6 months later I get the exact same message from him again!!!  


This is not what LinkedIn recommendations are all about.  What happened to integrity and authenticity?  


Have any of you received similar messages?

So, I was scrolling online today and I saw a recommendation for a graphics program called RelayThat…now let’s be clear, I have a background of using Photoshop, and have also been spending a lot of time lately using Canva.  I don’t “need” another graphics program…but there was one thing that enticed me about RelayThat…

What’s that you ask?  Well, you can design one graphic – and then it gives you a bunch of different potential layouts.  I designed this graphic to the right, and then I simply clicked on Layouts, and it showed me a ton of other options…that would easily allow me to design to my taste once – and then just click on one of the others and maybe change out an image or a title, and voila…new graphic within seconds.

Sound too good to be true?  Check this out:




See all those different looks above?  Well I promise you that these aren’t even a drop in the bucket!  There are so so SO many options in there once you design your first graphic in the workspace.

That’s it.  So far, and granted I just started working with the program, but so far that is the only benefit I see over what some have called the “more difficult to use, Canva”.  I hate being told what I can and cannot do…especially on the cannot side, and RelayThat doesn’t allow me to just add text wherever I want, I can’t send an object to the back or the front (layers are huge in graphic design…and you have no control over them in RelayThat.  

I think that as someone who designs many social media graphics a month, the concept is interesting to bust them out faster with all of the templates that RelayThat can mass-produce for you quickly…but as someone who wants to get the quality and the right messaging on the graphics also…I don’t see myself letting my Canva subscription lag anytime soon. ♥

I will most likely keep my RelayThat subscription active for a month or so, and then come back and update this post, maybe all the templates in there will broaden my real design scope a bit…but as of right now, I expect I will be canceling my RelayThat subscription and just continuing on with my Canva Pro subscription thereafter.

I hope this helps someone!  If creating social media graphics for your content has you firmly planted in a field of overwhelm, please book a strategy session with me today so we can figure out how to get you unstuck and scaling your business faster!



Next to the first day of the new year, today has got to be as good a time as any to make a fresh start – set a plan – and see it through!  Why is that you ask?


Because today is the first Monday of spring…a time of new beginnings and new growth.  A perfect time to think about what you want your business to bloom into and the growth you want to achieve by this time next year.


Have you ever ridden a horse?  I know…odd question…but play along please.  When riding a horse…you need to look where you want to go, in order for the horse to take you there.  If you’re riding on a steep cliff, they always tell you not to look over the edge… In the same manner – if there is an awesome view at the top of the hill, if you keep your eye on that….the horse will take you there. (this is for horses in general, not brilliantly trained trick riding ponies, etc…)


Need another example?  Believe in the laws of attraction?  Even just a little bit?  They say what you focus on – expend your energy on, will manifest more of that.  So if you focus on good things, growth and abundance…all things spring like – it is believed that you will get more of that.  Focus on the negative things in your life and well…you get the picture.


So on this first day of spring ask yourself some questions:

  1. What do I want to achieve in my business by this time next year?
  2. What do I have to do to do that / to get there?
  3. And what will it look like when I get there????

Now live like it has already happened and you are doing more of it – just keep on going.  Consistency is key.  You have to get up every day and keep going in that direction…small consistent steps…those are what will get you to the top of that hill, to your desired success.  And you know what?  I’m going to do it right along with you!  I made a plan over the weekend for consistent, well rounded steps that will get me to my goals…and they are already paying off. 

Happy First Monday of Spring 2021 – let’s make it an awesome beginning to an amazing season of entrepreneurial growth!  

Happy Sunday!  Let’s talk systems!  


One of my favorite systems right now is my Dubsado!  I have done their training, Dubsado 101 they call it, and it just is such a great and efficient all in one tool for the most part!  At the time of writing this post, I have been using Dubsado for about 5 months.

What do I like about this program?


  1. Built in contract, proposal, email and form templates that you can customize to suit your needs.
  2. Signature capture capability for contracts and proposals.
  3. Time tracking
  4. Invoicing
  5. Ability to tell if clients have read their documents / emails
  6. Built in scheduler that I can have special links to or embed on my website.
  7. CRM capabilities
  8. Client portal

I really do love Dubsado – so far the very minor issues I have had have been addressed competently and quickly by their tech support staff.  I know that several of my clients and colleagues use this program as well – and there is an awesome Facebook Group for them also. (message me if you need the name)

I highly suggest that you do watch some training videos though and not just try to do everything yourself out of the “box”.  I am a self-professed geek, and even I missed a thing or two the first time around on the scheduler setup.  Now I am very proficient in this program and am confident in adding it to my arsenal of programs that I can support my clients with.  This program isn’t for everyone; however if you are a service-based entrepreneur…I highly suggest you give it a try!

*Note:  I looked at a few similar programs prior to choosing Dubsado.  I was originally working in SuiteDash and I looked into HoneyBook…in the end, I am happy that I settled with Dubsado and don’t see myself changing anytime soon!  If you want to try Dubsado and need some help with setup & implementation, feel free to schedule a strategy session with me!


Here’s a discount code for you:  christinewade

Or just use this link.

***If you would like to signup for Dubsado, it’s absolutely free until you have 3 clients – no matter how long that takes you – and then once you graduate to the paid subscription, by using my discount / affiliate code, you will get 20% off your first month OR your first year…and I will get credit towards my own Dubsado account.  I only promote affiliate products that I actually use regularly!



So – yeah…see that message in the graphic?  –>

Seriously – this is how this guy thought a business connection would be made.

If you can’t take a few seconds to slow down and make a proper greeting in LinkedIn or any DM, know which “you’re” to use, capitalize a sentence, etc…I certainly do NOT think that it is “ideal” for us to connect. Sorry.

Not my type of connection…please friends…don’t be this guy! Take pride in your business and let your communication show it!

We are all guilty of the occasional typo – but first impressions matter – so make sure you put in that extra effort and don’t make the same LinkedIn connection request faux pas that this guy did…

Take some time to really look at the profile of the person whom you want to connect with, note something personal about them and relate to that…don’t just throw something generic out there.  It reeks of haste…and you know what our mamas always say…”haste makes waste!”

Slow down, focus on one connection at a time, focus on the relationship you wish to build with that person and why…this is not the time to multi-task btw…it may take a bit longer up front…but the quality of connection will be the reward for time well spent. 

There is somewhat of a guilt factor engrained into human beings…if someone spends time on us, getting to know us, engaging with us, etc…we feel obligated to give something back to them…so if you check out those potential connections before just mass-blasting out a ton of connections requests, and focus on quality over quantity…your end result coming back to you will be so much more rewarding.