Integrity has been on my mind quite a bit recently.  I am often wondering what people are thinking…is it just really all about the quick sale?

The marketing techniques that are being taught don’t sit well with me these days.  We are told to sell a program before we build it, sell a product before it’s complete, etc…  How is that fair to the consumer?  They are buying into the “expert” but the still expect the product to be sound and a good investment.  And maybe it will be…or maybe it won’t…but is it fair to use consumers as guinea pigs when they are not aware?

There are exceptions to this of course, like products being promoted on Kickstarter or other platforms where you are told up front…”It’s not built yet, but if enough of you invest with us, we can make this great thing…” That is a pretty transparent situation and I am all for it.

I searched for a business coach, or a program, for quite awhile…I consumed way too much content and spent way too much time.  But this is a big deal and I wanted to not regret it later.  I finally settled on one who I kept seeing show up, be real, make mistakes and typos – and own up to it.  Settled is the wrong word.  Once i knew that it was going to work out and we were going to be able to work together, I  was beyond ready to get started.  This is not a shiny object coach…she will give you the tools and the support needed…she is all about support…but you had better show up and do the work!

I know it seems like I went way off topic…but bear with me…she comes at everything from a place of integrity and of wanting to provide value and service to her clients.  This is what was missing from the others…they were just shiny ads and click funnels…and even the one that tried to be all vulnerable  looking and showing you how rough it was for her before it got better…it just felt slimy and mass-produced.

I get the theory behind automation…but it needs to come from a place of integrity and service and to make things better for your clients, to enable you to serve more clients, faster, with better results…not just a quick sale and then off into another automation.  Integrity first.