So, I was scrolling online today and I saw a recommendation for a graphics program called RelayThat…now let’s be clear, I have a background of using Photoshop, and have also been spending a lot of time lately using Canva.  I don’t “need” another graphics program…but there was one thing that enticed me about RelayThat…

What’s that you ask?  Well, you can design one graphic – and then it gives you a bunch of different potential layouts.  I designed this graphic to the right, and then I simply clicked on Layouts, and it showed me a ton of other options…that would easily allow me to design to my taste once – and then just click on one of the others and maybe change out an image or a title, and voila…new graphic within seconds.

Sound too good to be true?  Check this out:




See all those different looks above?  Well I promise you that these aren’t even a drop in the bucket!  There are so so SO many options in there once you design your first graphic in the workspace.

That’s it.  So far, and granted I just started working with the program, but so far that is the only benefit I see over what some have called the “more difficult to use, Canva”.  I hate being told what I can and cannot do…especially on the cannot side, and RelayThat doesn’t allow me to just add text wherever I want, I can’t send an object to the back or the front (layers are huge in graphic design…and you have no control over them in RelayThat.  

I think that as someone who designs many social media graphics a month, the concept is interesting to bust them out faster with all of the templates that RelayThat can mass-produce for you quickly…but as someone who wants to get the quality and the right messaging on the graphics also…I don’t see myself letting my Canva subscription lag anytime soon. ♥

I will most likely keep my RelayThat subscription active for a month or so, and then come back and update this post, maybe all the templates in there will broaden my real design scope a bit…but as of right now, I expect I will be canceling my RelayThat subscription and just continuing on with my Canva Pro subscription thereafter.

I hope this helps someone!  If creating social media graphics for your content has you firmly planted in a field of overwhelm, please book a strategy session with me today so we can figure out how to get you unstuck and scaling your business faster!