So – yeah…see that message in the graphic?  –>

Seriously – this is how this guy thought a business connection would be made.

If you can’t take a few seconds to slow down and make a proper greeting in LinkedIn or any DM, know which “you’re” to use, capitalize a sentence, etc…I certainly do NOT think that it is “ideal” for us to connect. Sorry.

Not my type of connection…please friends…don’t be this guy! Take pride in your business and let your communication show it!

We are all guilty of the occasional typo – but first impressions matter – so make sure you put in that extra effort and don’t make the same LinkedIn connection request faux pas that this guy did…

Take some time to really look at the profile of the person whom you want to connect with, note something personal about them and relate to that…don’t just throw something generic out there.  It reeks of haste…and you know what our mamas always say…”haste makes waste!”

Slow down, focus on one connection at a time, focus on the relationship you wish to build with that person and why…this is not the time to multi-task btw…it may take a bit longer up front…but the quality of connection will be the reward for time well spent. 

There is somewhat of a guilt factor engrained into human beings…if someone spends time on us, getting to know us, engaging with us, etc…we feel obligated to give something back to them…so if you check out those potential connections before just mass-blasting out a ton of connections requests, and focus on quality over quantity…your end result coming back to you will be so much more rewarding.