Cat Stancik, the Lead Boss

Working with Cat Stancik, I develop and implement systems, manage social media content and publishing, publish her podcast, Revenue Accelerator, maintenance and updates on her blog / vlog.  Cat is an amazing Lead Generation coach and I am beyond humbled and honored by her video testimonial – click play below to watch now!



Sterling Remodeling & Design

We have been working together for about 4 years now on various projects, website maintenance and fixes, documentation and updates to contracts and pricing spreadsheets, systems, etc…

I am so appreciative of Ken’s kind words:















Social Abundance Marketing

Content editing, social media scheduling, client communication, blog maintenance, email newsletter creation, web page creation for client listing per client request, social media breakdown and post formatting,  

Ace Roofing needed a new website desperately, their previous one was half hand coded and half WP Template and it was nearly impossible to do any updates or changes without the site just breaking. The owner wanted a simple, clean and clear template. Due to the slideshow and sticky features, taking a screenshot didn’t work well, so I decided to just take you on a brief tour via a Loom recording – no audio – your speakers aren’t broken! is a website for a wellness & life coach in Winston, MT.  The client wanted dandelions in her logo as well as a very light dandelion background for her page content.

Proud Property Assistance

Previous business venture – website creation, content creation, logo creation, etc… real estate virtual assistance.



Ashley’s Equestrian Connection – Temporary website for college student’s senior project in 2021.







There are many  other projects that we have been involved with over the years, too many to count and show.  If you are looking for a certain type of sample, please contact us and ask!  Below are some additional client testimonials that we haven’t shared elsewhere on this site – see what our previous clients have had to say!
 – Christine Wade




“Hi Christine, I just want to send you a quick note to say how pleased I am with your services. It is the first time that I have used a ‘V.A’ and you are definitely an asset to me and my business. The project you worked on was done in a professional manner and with great detail. It is easily seen that you take great pride in your work and are extremely knowledgeable in what you do. Thanks for the great job and we will definitely do business again.”


Raphael Guerin



“GREAT!!! Terrific, What else can I say. I am very pleased with all you have done and I will surely tell others about your work. Thanks again for all your patience and know that I am 100% satisfied.”


R.W. Bruton

Quality Custom Homes 

“…I have the best VA is the USA! Christine is my superwoman. You would not believe how easy it is to work with her.

It’s like she’s actually in the same room. She is proactive, creative, technical, timely, responsive and a wonderful trouble shooter — I could really go on and on!


Give her a call for an consultation or interview … 


Please let me know if you have any specifics questions. I would be happy to answer.”


LaNiece Jones

LA Jones & Associates, Inc. 


“… she’s always so willing. You can’t tell she has many clients. She makes you feel like you’re her ONLY client!


I could go on and on and on… She has even written some portions of my articles. LOL


I hope this helps! I trust her wholeheartedly and ended up on many business lists with her where she gives everyone great input.”



The Busy Woman, Inc. 

“… your resume[service] has helped me SO much. I get positive comments all the time, saying how well it is constructed. And, I have referred many people to you. “


C . Moulding


“I wanted a website that reflected my products ; clean and crisp, simple and easy to use. Chris understood what I had pictured in my mind and we collaborated with great results. Many thanks, Christine!”


Kathleen Kilby


“Hey Christine, Wow, I am so excited. This is going to be such a time saver for me!” “..You are too coool! I didn’t get my messages until this morning. I love the site.” “…I don’t know what I’d do without you.” “…Thanks for all your help, and yes, the flyers came out great!” “…Well, you just are taking care of me, I’m not used to this special treatment Christine; you are spoiling me.” “…You wouldn’t believe how many people I had looking for those, and you find it in 2 seconds, why didn’t I ask you first?”


Diane Eisendrath
Eisendrath Team, Inc.


Just wanted to let you know what a real pleasure it has been working with you to update and “professionalize” the website. You have always “been there” when we needed that “extra effort”. Your resourcefulness and helpful, positive attitude make it a truly pleasurable experience working with you and your company.


We are looking forward to a long and mutually rewarding relationship which may involve additional duties in the accounting and marketing areas.


Continue offering your professional, excellent and personalized service, Christine, and will surely experience astounding growth.”


Sharon Abendschoen / CEO
See Shell Baby Products LLC


“Christine champions details, and she has this marvelous ability to think 3 steps ahead. As our working relationship continues, more and more I’m happily able to concentrate on the stuff I excel at. We’ll discuss what needs to be addressed, and the next thing I know, she’s accomplished it.”

Diane Duncan
a division of  RMH Unlimited 


“…WOW, is she great!!!! And fast!!!! And professional!!! And smart!!! If it has to do with Access, Christine can answer all your questions. She is definitely the Access Guru. Not only does the work she did for me work, but it looks beautiful as she added graphics. I can’t thank you enough Christine.


I know she does more than Access and I would highly recommend her if anyone needs any work done. You will not only get your monies worth, but will have your work done in no time….”


…”Thanks Again Christine!”



Priscilla Schultz

Owner of: The Write Touch — For all your Bookkeeping, Administrative and Virtual needs!

AND medXcard for peace of mind, isn’t it worth it?


I need to step forward and credit Christine Wade for helping me with a special project for my embroidery company on short notice and at a busy time of the year. Christine was very efficient and professional as she helped to formulate with me exactly what I needed to accomplish and the best way to go about accomplishing it. When I changed the parameters, she didn’t even blink and stated her belief that the customer’s needs were paramount. She is bright, creative, helpful and very capable. I look forward to entrusting her with future projects.”


Peg Bowles

Initial Impressions