So, this is a fun week…St. Patrick’s day this Thursday! It is so easy to get off track from our goals on holiday weeks. Don’t rely on the “Luck of the Irish” or anyone else to get through holidays and special events. This is when you really need to rely on your systems to get you through and keep your eyes on the long game, rather than just focusing on the quickly approaching holiday!

There will be Corned Beef and Cabbage served at our table, beer bread and Irish Car-bomb Cupcakes for dessert…but that’s the short-game. The long game, is that I have clients to support, my own projects with deadlines that I have to meet for new services, Masterminds that I am a part of and I need to be ready for them and support the other members also.

So, how do we do this? Use your excitement for the holiday (insert family party, or any other event here if St. Patrick’s Day doesn’t do it for you!), and make sure you plan ahead and can sail through it smoothly. Have EVERYTHING on your calendar or in your project management system…and break them all down into manageable time blocks. This includes grocery shopping and prepping and cooking! (as well as digging through storage for your tacky light-up shamrock necklace for the big day! Wait what? You don’t have one of those? OH, I thought everyone did! lol)

Seriously, time block everything. Focus work gets put on your calendar when you are most likely to be able to really concentrate, client work get time-blocked, as does cooking and family responsibilities. I know that everyone in the world now seems to be against the hustle mentality, and I am not going to tell them that they are wrong, I don’t want anyone out there working themselves to the bone literally, but life does require a certain amount of effort to be lived well. If you know there’s something fun coming down the road, it is a great motivator to get the other tasks off of your plate so that you can really be present and enjoy the moments with family and friends!

It’s Monday – stop what you’re doing right now and map out the rest of your week to the best of your ability at this time. It will change as the week goes on and that’s ok, you have a plan…and that’s half the battle! You can have a great week, you can have it all…but it won’t be luck that get’s it for you…it will be organization and dedication. Make it a great week!