Happy Sunday!  Let’s talk systems!  


One of my favorite systems right now is my Dubsado!  I have done their training, Dubsado 101 they call it, and it just is such a great and efficient all in one tool for the most part!  At the time of writing this post, I have been using Dubsado for about 5 months.

What do I like about this program?


  1. Built in contract, proposal, email and form templates that you can customize to suit your needs.
  2. Signature capture capability for contracts and proposals.
  3. Time tracking
  4. Invoicing
  5. Ability to tell if clients have read their documents / emails
  6. Built in scheduler that I can have special links to or embed on my website.
  7. CRM capabilities
  8. Client portal

I really do love Dubsado – so far the very minor issues I have had have been addressed competently and quickly by their tech support staff.  I know that several of my clients and colleagues use this program as well – and there is an awesome Facebook Group for them also. (message me if you need the name)

I highly suggest that you do watch some training videos though and not just try to do everything yourself out of the “box”.  I am a self-professed geek, and even I missed a thing or two the first time around on the scheduler setup.  Now I am very proficient in this program and am confident in adding it to my arsenal of programs that I can support my clients with.  This program isn’t for everyone; however if you are a service-based entrepreneur…I highly suggest you give it a try!

*Note:  I looked at a few similar programs prior to choosing Dubsado.  I was originally working in SuiteDash and I looked into HoneyBook…in the end, I am happy that I settled with Dubsado and don’t see myself changing anytime soon!  If you want to try Dubsado and need some help with setup & implementation, feel free to schedule a strategy session with me!


Here’s a discount code for you:  christinewade

Or just use this link.

***If you would like to signup for Dubsado, it’s absolutely free until you have 3 clients – no matter how long that takes you – and then once you graduate to the paid subscription, by using my discount / affiliate code, you will get 20% off your first month OR your first year…and I will get credit towards my own Dubsado account.  I only promote affiliate products that I actually use regularly!



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